Prepress (Cold Press)

Pre press is one, which is used to press the wood before final pressing. Srichakra Engineering Equipments is one of the very few manufacturers and suppliers of pre press in India. Our prepress are used mainly in wood and plywood industries.

The advantages of using a Prepress are:


Less Steam Usage and better quality of finished product


Use of Aluminum Caulplates can be eliminated which saves time.


Pre-Presses (Cold Presses) can be designed for different capacities, sizes and applications.


Built in chain conveyor for easy loading and unloading the material.


Can increase production of the plywood press by up to 100%.

Srichakra Engineering Equipments is offering a wide range of prepress (cold press) machines for an extended period of time. These machines are exclusively made for industrial wood clients. They come packed with various amazing, useful features and functions. Our team of skilled experts designs the top and bottom plates of these machines in such a manner that they are easily manageable and also generate constant pressure throughout the whole procedure. We design these machines solely for heavy-duty performance. If you have any advanced production requirements, these machines will be a perfect fit for the same.

Applications of PrePress (Cold Press) Machines

The Prepress (Cold Press) machines for plywood manufactured by Srichakra Engineering Equipments can deliver strong and reliable performance. These machines are capable of managing a number of wood related projects. We produce user-friendly machines for all that are fit to deliver heavy-duty results. You can use these machines for the following:

• Veneer Doors
• Laminate Doors
• Veneer Pressing
• Laminate Pressing
• Moulded Doors
• Mica Doors

We have supplied more than 50 Prepresses in India and abroad.


Standard Platen Size (In Feet)

According to Requirement